One Placenta.

One Chance.

Preserve your placenta for postpartum well being and life long healing.

Placenta Therapeutics offers ways to utilize the benefits of your placenta,
in an easy to take fashion.

The placenta may contain the most healing potential on the planet. In utero the placenta functions as the lungs, kidneys, and intestines and sustains life for the unborn baby. It is then expected that this functionally diverse organ holds the healing potential for many disorders and maladies. Research on the placenta's therapeutic potential shows that it can be used to increase wound healing, boost the immune system, balance hormones and slow down metabolism.

The placenta plays an important role in maintaining pregnancy hormones during pregnancy. After giving birth, the body experiences a dramatic change in hormone levels. Supplementing with your placenta capsules can be extremely helpful to assist the body with this hormonal shift. It also has been shown to help postpartum emotional imbalances and even postpartum depression. The hormone balancing effect of the placenta can be used to support adolescence girls as they go through puberty or for women during menopause. Richard Moskowitz, M.D. believes it would be beneficial to use placenta therapy at any point in development to help your child "along the way."

The uniqueness of every placenta is due to the constitutional makeup of the individuals it belongs to, the mother and the baby. This means that no two human placentas are alike in every way. They hold the unique healing potential specific for the family they belong to. We believe this uniqueness is why the placenta holds such amazing healing potential. This potential cannot be duplicated. There is a one-time opportunity to preserve and ensure future use of this amazing gift.